What Can You Use if You Don’t Have a Drill

Tools are crucial to each professional or handyman at any level. Sometimes, tools break or become lost, and occasionally you’re in dire need of a device that isn’t in your toolbox due to one or the other reason.

We will continue the series with a second essential tool that every handyman must carry in their tool kit:

  1. What Can You Use if You Don’t Have a Drill
  2. What to Use if You Don’t Have a Wrench
  3. What to Use When You Don’t Have a Hammer

What Can You Use if You Don’t Have a Drill

The principal role of a drill to drill holes for bolts on hard surfaces. It also serves to reduce the strain of screwing bolts , instead of using a screwdriver manual. It can be useful when you are required to screw several bolts.

With this in mind it is possible to replace the second purpose with an ordinary screwdriver, as difficult as it is. When it comes to drilling holes however, you’ll require something completely different.

Method #1: To drill holes in plastic

  • Make a sharp cut of copper
  • Place the plastic on top in the location you would like to drill a hole.
  • Let the plastic melt to form the shape of a hole.

It is important to find the right dimension copper piece, however you can find it at the local hardware shop.

Method 2: Create yourself a bow drill

  • Make use of two sticks made of wood – attach a sturdy piece of string at both ends to make bows. The other one should have a sharp end on one side , and handles to the opposite.
  • Create a small hole in the wood, exactly where you want to drill the hole.
  • Put the pointed end of the second stick in the middle and then apply pressure.
  • String (bow) in the direction of the drill bit.
  • Inject the drill into the wood by pushing the handle and then shifting the bow.

Method #3: Brace and bit

If you own the brace tool and are looking to drill larger hole, then this could be the solution. Simply press near the top, and turn the u-shaped bit.

Method #4 Method #4: Self-drilling screws

You could save yourself lots of hassle by simply getting the self-drilling screws you need. Visit the hardware stores in your area and use a regular screwdriver.

These are the top four often used replacements for the drill. Additional helpful tips for replacements for your tools are on the way So keep your tool on keep your tool on hand.