How to Remove Scratches from Wood Furniture

There’s not a single home on the planet which doesn’t include at least two or three kinds of furniture made of wood. Although they are beautiful and long-lasting the furniture is also extremely susceptible to dents and scratches.

Small scratches can be easily treated with a bit of imagination and the appropriate materials. The more severe and extensive scratches can be more difficult especially when it’s an older pieces of furniture.

A Few Easy Tool Replacements

The black tea isn’t the only thing in the household which can assist in the repair of scratches on furniture. Here are some additional useful tools.

  • Use instant coffee. Applying a paste of instant coffee with warm water on the area that has been scratched would produce the same effect.
  • Use mayonnaise. Mayonnaise oils cause wood to expand. If you clean a scratch, the smallest dent or crack using mayo for a few days the wood will expand and fill the crack.
  • Utilize shoes. Find a shoe polish that is the same color as the furniture you have and apply it only to the scratch.
  • Use a walnut. Nut oils are the gift of nature to our body and are also great to repair damaged wood. Rub a walnut on the damaged area and it’ll immediately disappear.
  • Utilize the crayon’s wax. Grate a small amount of the same shade in an empty bowl. Then, boil it in water until it melts the wax. Drop the wax in the dented or scratched region. This can also be a useful solution for repairing scratches that are deeper. Another advantage is that with crayons the ability to combine and mix different col

How to Fix Deep Scratches on Wood Furniture

This time, we address the issue caused by deep scratching. Coffee and crayons aren’t going to solve the problem in this case.

  • Clean the area of scratching. Same as last time, apply a gentle cloth to scrub the area that has been damaged. This time, , make use of a special hardwood cleaner. There’s a remnant solution, so make use of an abrasive rag to wash this away. Then let the area dry.
  • Use mineral spirits to rub on your scratch. This is done when your furniture is covered with a layer of polyurethane. It must be removed to allow you to fix the scratch. Rub a soft cloth, which has been submerged into mineral spirits. Afterward, wipe it off with a dry , dry cloth. Let it completely dry.
  • Fill scratches. Use a specialized wood filler to fill the dent or scratch. Find the correct amount using your the eye, and use your fingers to apply it and stay clear of air bubbles. Even if you use excessive amounts of the substance it can be removed easily later. Avoid getting wood putty as it’s an error that is common. Both substances are different.
  • Get rid of any excess filler. If you put too muchfiller, you can employ a putty knife to smooth the surface. It could also assist in pushing the filler to the depth of the cut. This could take a long time to finish, but be prepared. Also, don’t forget to find out how long the filler must dry (check the packaging).
  • Sand the excess filling. Use fine sandpaper over the dried area surrounding the scratch. Always sand in exactly the directions of grain of the wood. You can also sand in small circles, but be sure to do it gently.
  • The fixed area is sealed. Use a soft brush to apply the layer of polyurethane sealer, or varnish. Make sure it has at least 24 hours for it to dry before retouching the area.

How to get rid of scratches from wood furniture

For small scratches, use a few household items , and the end result will be just as good as new.

  • Create an clean-up solution. The first step is to wash the surface that is around the scratch. All you require is the dishwashing detergent in a tablespoon and a gallon of water that is warm and an empty bucket. Mix everything well.
  • Make use of a cloth that is lint free. When your solution is in place, soak a clean cloth into it and squeeze out the excess water as as you are able to. The area that has been scratched on your furniture made of wood should be dry but not saturated.
  • Clean up. Rub the lint-free cloth in order to get rid of the grease, oil or polish for furniture from the area that has been scratched You will require an area that is clean to work on in your next steps. If you’ve got additional scratches clean and dry the cloth prior to commencing with each.
  • Allow your furnishings time. After you’ve cleaned up the furniture, don’t begin immediately to make repairs. Blot off any droplets that are left and let it dry for a couple of minutes.
  • Take out your weapon: coffee. A strange weapon, surely? It’s crucial to know it is only the black variety that can be the best choice here. Avoid using green or herbal teas as only black tea can produce wood-like shades.
  • Create a concoction. Make a cup of black tea. Your water must be at a boil when you put it in the tea bag. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. The darker the color of your furniture is, the longer you need to allow the tea bags to soak. So the tea will develop an even darker hue.
  • Apply the solution from herbal. In a cotton-swab, dip it in the tea and place it to the scratched area. Make sure to clean it off immediately if the mixture spills onto the surface as it could be colored.