How to Get Rid of Air in Water Pipes

The air in pipes that are used for water can result in strange sounding. If you’re hearing a long vibrations or sounds which you think originate from your water pipes, you could have air in the water pipe. The air in the water pipes can cause sounds that last for an extended period of time, and they occur in the event that you haven’t utilized your water for a while. Take these measures to eliminate the irritating air from the water pipes. Let’s get to how to get rid of air in water pipes.

How to Get Rid of Air in Water Pipes

Step 1

Stop this main faucet by turning it clockwise as you can. In colder climates this would usually be in the basement, if you already have one there, or perhaps in the closet. In warmer climates, the shut off valve for water could be situated on the outside of the home close to the water meters.

Step 2

Turn on all the faucets in your home. This includes the sink, spigot outside washer, shower, as well as any water connection that you might have in your home. Clean all toilets until there is no additional water remains within the tank, or toilet. This will ensure that there isn’t any more water within the home’s water lines.

Step 3

The main water supply should be turned back on after no water is coming from any faucets. Turn on the water supply valve as much as it can go clockwise. Let the water run until all faucets are not running. Clean all toilets until they also are running with a steady stream of water.

Step 4

Shut off the faucets each time until you see a steady flow of water flowing from them all. A continuous flow of water is a sign that there is no air inside the water lines.