How to Make a Reading Nook in Your Room

There is no greater place to seek refuge than between the pages of a book. While books may be appreciated anywhere, there are times when nothing beats a quiet reading spot in your own home.

What do you need to do to create your own reading nook at home that is comfortable, distraction-free, and seems like a space where you should be reading a book? Less than you may believe.

What Features Should a Reading Corner Have?

Before deciding on the contents of your reading nook, consider what it should not have. Because we are all aware that interruptions sabotage our reading time. Therefore, find a location away from the TV, computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

We will allow you to keep your electronic book reader if it is a necessary component of your reading habits. We may now begin designing our reading corner.

  • A location for sitting. Select whichever is most convenient for you. For others, a single chair might enough, but if you’re like some of us, you enjoy switching up your reading postures. Therefore, choose a plush sofa, a blob chair, or even a whole bed.
  • A bookcase. If it’s a reading nook, you’ll need reading materials. If you don’t already have a bookshelf, you can build one. Additional information is included below.
  • A compact table. It’s best to have a location for your book while you’re out fishing for another. Alternatively, a place to store your tea, coffee, milk, and biscuits. Do not even consider putting your phone there!
  • Curtains. This is an optional one. However, if you desire to separate yourself from the rest of the room, you may enclose your entire reading nook with a non-transparent curtain.
  • Decorations. If you still have empty space that you’d want to fill, you can hang artwork or place a plant near your sitting area.

How to Make a Reading Nook in Your Room

Once you’ve gathered all of the “stuff,” it’s time to put together, install, and decorate your reading nook ideas.

  • Select a corner. The reading nook works well in a corner of a room. This instills a sense of security. If, on the other hand, you have a room with a whole square of empty space, go for it. Bonus points if the room has a window with a pleasant outlook. An even better option if the room is devoid of a television or computer.
  • Determine the amount of space available. Given how difficult it is for many people to free a spot, it’s a good idea to establish limits for your reading nook. If you’re comfortable sketching on the floor and walls, go for it. Some will use stickers, while others may mentally draw the lines. The goal is to ensure that everything you want in the corner fits, as well as you in all of your reading stances.
  • Include your books. If all of your books are on your reading tablet, simply place the tablet inside. However, if you’re one of the millions who can’t read without the scent of books, you should consider relocating a whole bookshelf to your reading nook. This is a challenging assignment at the moment. If you do not already own a bookcase, you may build one using the instructions below. Alternatively, if you’re not concerned, you may simply pile a stack of books surrounding your sitting area. It’s really rather snug in this configuration.
  • Relocate the comfort zone within. Place the seating area and little table in their assigned reading nook locations.
  • Include illumination. Given that you’re likely to read not just during the day, but also at night, it’s a good idea to include a location for a night lamp. This one is optional, as in most circumstances, the room’s lighting will suffice.
  • Include a curtain. Install a curtain railing on the ceiling to entirely isolate oneself from the room.

How to Make a Book Holder for the Wall

A bookshelf will add personality to your reading nook. However, building a bookshelf is difficult, and if you lack the necessary supplies, experience, or expertise, you’re likely to prefer the all-books-on-the-ground option.

To that end, the Boougainvilleago team is presenting an easier method for quickly and easily creating a wall book holder.

  • Remove any decorations from the wall. Ascertain that nothing is blocking your book holder locations.
  • Collect the necessary materials. A drill, at least ten static metal brackets (at least as wide as your largest books), ten (or more) bolts, a ruler, and a pencil for charting are required.
  • Take the length of your largest book and multiply it by four. Then, using the ruler and pencil, draw a line two cm shorter than the original, with an A beginning point and a B endpoint.
  • Drill a hole at the center of point A.
  • At point B, drill a hole.
  • At points A and B, screw the metal brackets.
  • You’re now the proud owner of a book holder. Test it for accuracy by stacking up to six hardback books on top.
  • Repeat. This project required only two metal brackets. With the remaining 8, you may create four more, which will store a total of 30 books. Additionally, if you have additional room, you may add additional book holders.

How to Install Curtain Rods in the Wall Without Drilling

For those who like the thought of an all-encompassing curtain and have had their fill of drilling with the wall book holder, here is a simple solution to obtain your curtain without drilling the wall.

  • Acquire the supplies. One or two curtains (depending on your preference), two sticky hooks, and a curtain rail with hooks on both ends are required.
  • Suspend the hooks from the walls. Determine their precise location with relation to the rail’s length.
  • Suspend curtain from rail.
  • Rail ends should be secured using hooks.

Now, you may have your own reading space, free from interruptions from your favorite novels.