Paper in Cybernetics by SUAD NAUFAL.


Turn on the radio..

.. I don’t like passwords..

Why do we need passwords on online system?..


You can not even remember did you say so online or offline.

It seemed good day, the atmosphere suites my mood since the morning, gray clouds just crossed there over the blue sky.

You really meet someone for the first time, then you just reached your home, go to your iMac, a very easy step to write his name down on the screen. At least, you will get to know how many mutual friends do you both have. How many persons that in common between you and that person, what type of connection do you have…., you can perceive all these information about that person by using one online channel only in few minutes.

How much period of time do you need to collect all these information about one person before 40 years?


The late physicist Stephen Hawking got people across the world talking about complex science.

When you ask one direct question there’s a big possibility that someone else could answer! In earth planet the reaction of the people cannot be predictable at all, as any neighbor country or even a city by the way.

The War of the information..


Do not use your power to get woman attention.


.. I will never talk about the Problems of the Principals of Scientific Organizing of work.


Ivan Pavlov is a person you could meet only in a book with dark pages, and you cannot talk about him at all. A book everybody should read. Meanwhile, your parents would be proud of you if you lost your future on one day… / ( if you decided suddenly for the loose of the future..)).


You have to recognize that the technology is a Supermassive civilization in the Age of the information……., you have to be aware that you can find Czechoslovakia only in books too, …. where the books still an imperative source for the Leak of the information.

———Voice still critical too. 



Cybernetics does not stand against the dialectics.


So it’s a new city.

The city where you can literally buy one book in 5 pounds!

A book that does not turn your life upside down, No. but the opposite, the world around you turns upside down from that moment on!

There has always been many ways to recount a book, each book has a story too.. the only question that has popped into my mind that moment that if the publishing house printed 1000 copy of that book , and I just own a second hand copy of the book…. So, I just wonder what happened to the other 999 copies?

I found myself looking for the stories of the 999 other copies and not for the story of that book.


It was a brown book titled Between the Human and the Machine: Cybernetics Insides Us. It was by Soviet author Elena Sabrina. Cybernetics is the science that identify by the American Mathematician Scientist Norbert Wiener. In 1948 he coined the term  of Cybernetics in his book Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine.

It was so weird that the book didn’t have a publishing issue date…but the dark brown pages said too much.. what did the people do with the other 999 copies?.. did they understand what was written down?.. Are they still a life? or all these books just stacked on store shelves for today.. or burned over again through history.

There was too many questions..

What was written down in the last pages.. the price list all over the world! .. I still can’t believe that it was sold translated in Singapore and in Addis Ababa too! it was sold for 100 pounds in Syria, and in Lebanon for 100 pounds, and in Jordan for 100 Fils, in Iraq 100 fils and in Kuwait as well..

Is it possible to say so to New York today?


The Scientists figure out that the human body consists of a “Cybernetic System” which is very complicated and surrounded by innumerable self-regulatory devices.

Cybernetics is the crosscutting science concepts that link between the human and the machine, and it’s subject is the study of comparison of living organisms and machines. This science emerged at influence of at least five sciences: Control Automation, Mathematics, Linguistics, Life Science and the Transportation Theory.

Also, there’s a whole lot of other definitions in attempt to reflect all of the aspects of this renewed complex science.

In fact, every cell of our body owns a control system of its own, and there’s millions and millions of very precise cybernetic units that works continuously, and these tiny units……………………………………………….…………………




…………………………………Download a copy of the research paper PAPER IN CYBERNETICS/ SUAD NAUFAL/ BOGAINVILLIA/2015-2018, write to


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