Dead Sea Salt Beach


Jordan Petra Private Tour – The closest point from the main street to the beach is around 500 meters only, but the tough terrains that you can see on the way will not encourage you to take that walk, and you won’t imagine how much it is easy and joyful till you do it … You won’t imagine what is it all about till you walk on the Salt Beach itself, where the whole beach consists of layers and layers of just salts , just few meters after walking, you will find out that even the close sand and stones to street side are mixed with high amount of salts as well. Other factors that won’t encourage you to go for it is that it is difficult to find a corner to park your vehicle, and there is no trail or path to follow ( it is hard terians as I said) and you need to draw you trail before starting walking which would make things easier and Safe.


I’ve been running the Two Day tour that covers in summer time ( April – October): Petra, Wadi Rum, Dana Reserve , Mujib Reserve (Mujib Siq Trail) and the Dead Sea. And it covers in winter season (November-March): Petra, Wadi Rum, Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea; and as you can tell this is very crowded schedule in both seasons, but after deep review I found out that it would be possible to add the Salt beach to my tour specially in winter season, by replacing it with Aqaba visit, by this way we would reach the resort beach for swimming before sunset time. So we would have two stops at the Dead Sea: First at the Salt Beach and the second at the resort beach. Some maybe asking why to visit the second beach and the answer is that Salt beach is an open area and it has no services at all ( no showers , no WC ..No clean water for washing and it is crucial to wash up your body when you are done with swimming or floating at the Dead Sea because of the high density of salts on the water and the bad feeling that you would feel when you come out from the water, you would simply feel that you were swimming in a pool of oil, for this it is a must to take shower which is not available at the Salt Beach.


Dead Sea Salts Beach, is one of the unknown, amazing place to see while you are visiting the Dead Sea. Sadly you won’t see this in hotel beaches or close to them.

Written by Mustafa Nofal.


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